About the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation

The New Brunswick Adoption Foundation provides the private sector, community groups and individuals a vehicle to promote the adoption of children in the permanent care of the Minister of Social Development.

NBAF is an incorporated not-for-profit organization. NBAF was founded in March 2002 and was the first foundation of its kind in Canada.

NBAF is funded through donations, support from the Province of New Brunswick and in-kind support from individuals and corporations who share the Foundation’s vision.

Board of Directors

Robin Drummond – Chair

Monica Gaudet-Justason – Secretary

Tony Gogan – Treasurer

Bernard Paulin

Faye Huestis

Marcelle Mersereau

Norm McFarlane

Jane Mitton MacLean

Edith Doucet

Nat Richard


Hon. Erminie J. Cohen C.M.

Camille H.Thériault

Louis Léger


Executive Director 

Suzanne Kingston
(506) 832-0676

NB Adoption Support Network 

Southeast NB Region


Regional Coordinator Saint John, Sussex and Charlotte County

Catherine Derry

Regional Coordinator, North East

Therese Hache






The vision of the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation is that every child or youth in the care of the Province is part of a permanent family.

Mission Statement

The mission of the NB Adoption Foundation is to promote, support and advocate for the adoption of all children and youth in the permanent care of the New Brunswick government and to partner with organizations that share similar goals.

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A Family for Life: A Compendium of Effective and Promising Practices for Facilitating Adoptions from Foster Care





In 2007, the Honourable Erminie J. Cohen Legacy Fund for Adoption was established to ensure the long term sustainability of the New Brunswick Adoption Foundation and in turn ensure the message of the Foundation lives on into the future. The unfortunate reality is that even though many homes have been found there are more and more children entering the system each year. Your donation to the “The Honourable Erminie J. Cohen Legacy Fund for Adoption” will help to ensure this important voice for children continues.